Councillor Calls for Increased Police Presence in Wilpshire following recent Car Thefts

Police are urging car owners in the Ribble Valley to be vigilant after two high-powered vehicles were stolen in the the Ribble Valley Village of Wilpshire. Police said offenders entered through the rear patio doors of a house, burning through the locks. The thefts occurred during the hours of darkness when the residents were asleep.

Councillor Sue Bibby who represents the Village of Wilpshire on Ribble Valley Borough Council states, "Increased rural crime is having a profound effect on village life in the Ribble Valley and no town or village is immune. Residents have reported incidences of both house and car doors being tried during the day and in the evening when people are around, also during the early hours, some of which have been picked up on CCTV." 

Councillor Bibby continues, "Recorded crime in Wilpshire has risen 21.4% over the last 12 months.The incidents of burglary and attempted break-ins have increased exponentially in the past few months and is of serious concern. There were 339 calls to the Police in the last calendar year - just under 1 per day but just 68 recorded crimes - a little over 20% (20.06%)."

Councillor Bibby continues further, "The most frequent category of crime recorded in the Village is the Theft of Vehicles - the only location in the Ribble Valley where Vehicle Theft tops the list of categories of crimes.. Theft from Vehicles meanwhile is the Category of Crime that has shown the largest increase.This is made to order crime with criminals coming in from outside to steal high value marque cars and car parts."

Councillor Bibby continues yet further, "There has also been an increase in the incidence of burglaries and attempted break-ins particularly through patio-doors at the rear of properties is a cause for particular concern. All of these incidents are personal and invasive and cause worry, harm and often loss, it is a sad state of affairs when people cannot feel safe or protected in their own homes."

Councillor Bibby concludes, "The cuts in policing are severely affecting communities, police patrols are generally reactive and not proactive any more, police presence is a key feature of keeping Ribble Valley safe. We are all too aware of budget cuts but maybe there should be new policing strategies for rural areas. - we pay enough via the highest police precept in Lancashire in the Ribble Valley per household and per head of population.Please be vigilant and take extra security precautions such as fitting patio-locks and deadlocks onto patio doors and ring 999 if you see anything suspicious."