Nigel Evans calls for wartime spirit over Coronavirus

Nigel Evans Coronavirus Statement: 18th March

I would like to start by offering my most sincere and infinite thanks to the NHS workers who are dealing on the frontline of this worldwide pandemic. Your heroic work is not taken for granted and the country owes a debt of gratitude for your tireless and selfless efforts to beat this disease. We must also pass huge appreciation to the police, supermarket workers and all those performing their jobs in stressful situations during this period.

The vast majority of us have never seen anything like this and will hopefully never see anything like this in the future. We are in a war against this virus. We must stick together and make efforts to look after each other and particularly our elderly by using means of technology, by leaving shopping outside of their homes or simply by checking up on them over the phone.

We must show the resilience that our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents showed between 1939-49 in our battle against this virus. We must stop stockpiling to ensure everybody has their fair share. We must show the inspiring strength and caring of our communities. One thing above all - we will get through this.

My deepest condolences go to those who have already been affected, in particular to those who have lost loved ones before their time. My office will remain open with my staff working at home to ensure your concerns continue to be listened to. If you could try to email rather than call where possible, this would be appreciated.

Today’s announcement of school closures is an expected next step. It does not, however, apply to the children of key workers or for vulnerable children who will still be able to stay in school premises. Importantly, Children must not be left in the care of the elderly. This news also means that exams in May and June will be postponed and kept under review.

We must continue to abide by the government guidelines, which can be found on my website via: