Parking Charges and Meters for Clitheroe are a Myth

Clitheroe will not be getting parking charges - no way says Deputy Leader of the Lancashire County Council , Albert Atkinson . 

''This was a suggestion made by officials of the Lancashire County Council council in a  budget report  and totally rejected by County Councillors. Clitheroe Whalley and Longridge will not be getting meters or additional street parking charges.'' 

Pam Dowson, Mayor of Clitheroe and Salthill Borough Conservative  candidate attacked the scare mongers, promoting the idea that charges are on the agenda.  '' The Conservatives on Ribble Valley Borough Council protested strongly about the idea of meters in the Ribble Valley and Lancashire  County Council abandoned it months ago. 

'' More street parking charges for Clitheroe are a myth. The Borough have looked at the need to have more free parking in the town centres to attract shoppers and customers to leisure facilities like  restaurants and bars.This is the opposite of what is being trailed by our political opponents. I read Lib Dems leaflets with astonishment  that are so far behind the times in relation to trends in High Street policy.

''To the public I say take no notice of this nonsense''