Ribble Valley Borough Council Form a Business Partnership to help drive the local economy

Ribble Valley Borough Council Economic Development Committee voted at its last meeting to establish a Ribble Valley Business Partnership from all aspects of business in the Borough to inform on the Councils work and for councillors and officials to be become aware of the problems encountered by employers and entrepreneurs.

Councillor Rupert Swarbrick (Longridge Dilworth) Chairman of the Committee commented, ''The forum will complement the existing working relationships we have as a council with established business groups across the Borough and bring all the business groups together under one forum. We will explore areas of common interest and determine the key areas for the Council in developing an Economic Development Plan for the Ribble Valley.”

''The Partnership will enable business and the council to explore areas of common interest so it can help formulate part of the economic development plan for the borough which is in the process of preparation.We are considering having regular quarterly meetings.”

Ken Hind, Council Leader added, ''This is part of our long term plan to drive the economy of the Ribble Valley to attract new businesses and create jobs, thus increasing the councils income and  preserving services. Our plans will cover town centres ,commercial estates and the tourism and hospitality industry. The Partnership is intended to draw in all sections of our community.It will be driven by the newly recruited Director for Economic Development and Planning and her reorganised department .The new Economic Development Committee will be appraised and listen to the views of the business community in the Ribble Valley.and consider what actions can be taken. The message is the Ribble Valley is open for business.'