Ribble Valley Council to Construct 3G artificial facility at Roefield in Clitheroe.

Ribble Valley Council Community Services Committee voted to recommend investment of £835,000 in constructing an full size football  artificial 3G pitch at Roefield, Clitheroe relaying the existing 3G  surface and refurbishing the existing all purpose area. Officers were asked to develop  proposals for a toilet block and additional facilities to be bring it to the next meeting..

Councillor Ken Hind Council Leader (Longridge Dilworth) commented, ‘’This is an exciting project and we are committed to construct  an all weather pitch with an artificial grass surface of sufficiently high quality on which to play matches . The existing none 3G surface will be retained and refurbished for other sports , tennis netball cricket and others . The facility will be open to the whole Ribble Valley community and we hope clubs all over the Borough will utilise it We appreciate the main use of the 3G will be  football rugby and hockey clubs. The 3G will be maintained by the council and the surface will be replaced after approximately 10 years when we estimate it will be needed.  It is proposed  to be opened in September 2019 for the start of a new football season. ‘’

Deputy Chairman of the Community Councillor Richard Newmark stated, “We are very grateful to the Lancaster Foundation  as it led the way on the project. We will work with Clitheroe Wolves which is a hugely important club in the Ribble Valley with 49 football teams of both boys and girls. We expect that they will be using the new facility extensively and welcome working with Ross Hibbert, the Chairman.‘’

Mayor of Clitheroe and Salthill Borough Councillor Pam Dowson stated ‘’This is a brilliant idea for all Ribble Valley   communities and  all sports. My personal concern is the growing obesity amongst young people so increased availability for sport and exercise  is going to be so important. This facility will be used by all ages for everything from  tennis to walking football .’’

Clitheroe Councillor Sue Hind and member of the committee commented ‘’ Sports organisations have pointed out we need four 3 G facilities in a Borough of this size. It has to be hoped that the Lancaster Foundation will consider  supporting  similar facilities in other parts of the Borough As a committee we have to be constantly looking at ways to expand our council facilities where it can afforded.’’