Ribble Valley Freezes its share of the Council Tax for the 8th Time in nearly a decade and are the only Council in Lancashire to operate a weekly bin collection and not charge for Green Waste

At a Special Meeting of the Policy & Finance Committee, which met on Tuesday 05th February, it was agreed to recommend to Full Council the freezing of Ribble Valley Borough Council’s share of the council tax in 2019/20 for the 8th time since April 2010.. A Band D property will only pay £150.69 the 38th lowest in the country putting Ribble Valley in the bottom 20% for Council Tax Charges Nationally - the lowest charge in Lancashire £163.81 lower, less than half that of Labour controlled Preston City Council. Looked at another way, as you can see from the Table of Lancashire Authorities that have already announced their Council Tax  that for a Band D Property in Preston is 108.71% higher, more than double  than it is just over the border in Ribble Valley. 

Council Tax Announced

Ribble Valley will also not be charging for Green Waste collections, saving residents an additional sum of between £25 and £40 annually. Green waste is a chargeable service by all other Councils in Lancashire, 

Ribble Valley Council is also the only council in Lancashire that still has a weekly bin collection service.

As you can see from the second Table all the surrounding Lancashire Districts on the border of Ribble Valley charge over 50% more in Council Tax. Hyndburn, Burnley, Lancaster and Preston are all Labour Authorities, charging on average 80.37% more than the Ribble Valley. We have included all Council Tax Bands so that all Ribble Valley Council Tax payers not just those in Band D can compare what they are paying  There are now two authorities charging more than £300 for a Band D Property just over the border from Ribble Valley: Preston and now Burnley for the first time.

We have also included how much you are paying for your Policing in the Ribble Valley under the Labour Police & Crime Commissioner which exceeded how much you were paying for your Ribble Valley Council services two years ago with Band D Council Tax payers now paying more than £200 a year for the first time.

Council Tax Bands

Ribble Valley Borough Council is now providing services to over 2,000 extra households with nearly the same number of staff it had in 2010 without a reduction in front-line services. Indeed Ribble Valley's recent rapid housing expansion will also bring in an additional c. £330,000 a year in Council Tax compared to just eight years ago.

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Stephen Atkinson states that, "In real terms therefore because of more efficient and cost-effective below inflation service delivery in the largest Borough geographically in Lancashire, the Ribble Valley’s element of the Council Tax has effectively reduced by 20%  since April 2010. This has been achieved by many years of careful and prudent financial planning and I am grateful to councillors and staff for their dedication and commitment in continuing to deliver efficient, effective services.  At the same time the council has been able to maintain all service levels to nationally recognised standards and achieve high public satisfaction ratings without any cuts to council services."

In the latest perception survey  68% of Ribble Valley residents were satisfied with how Ribble Valley Council runs things, this was over 20% higher than neighbouring Councils who took part in the same survey

2019 will also see a significant capital investment programme of £2,688,190 including £1,430,000 to be spent on the new 3G multi-functional sporting facilities at Roe Field Leisure Centre, to enhance Sporting & Leisure facilities in the Borough enabling Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Netball & Basketball to be played. This first class facility, for all the residents of the Ribble Valley, will provide important additional leisure, health & well-being benefits. Capital funding has also been set aside to upgrade, enhance and replace the existing CCTV System in the Borough allowing improved crime detection and the tackling of anti-social behaviour.. We have also replaced part of the refuse vehicle fleet which is working hard to deliver the weekly bin collection service across the Ribble Valley.

The Leader of Ribble Valley Borough Council, Councillor Stephen Atkinson, concludes,"Ribble Valley has a bright future and we will continue to put the needs of Ribble Valley residents first and foremost as we implement policy decisions for their benefit."